Do lip fillers look obvious?

Skillful increases look natural, so they're basically invisible. But try to tell an average 45-year-old patient who thinks otherwise.

Do lip fillers look obvious?

Skillful increases look natural, so they're basically invisible. But try to tell an average 45-year-old patient who thinks otherwise. When patients believe that all lip filler treatments are obvious, it's quite difficult to change their perception. Many of my patients are curious but tentative to venture into facial enhancement because they are terrified of sausage smiles, duck lips and pillow faces.

It's tragic that too many people are being injected too often, too much product, and in the wrong places. With refill pop-ups becoming the norm in so many neighborhoods, indiscriminate and over-enthusiastic injectors have become all too common. If a friend says, “I love your lip filler, then I've done my job wrong. Fillers should refresh the face, give back a few years, but never be so obvious as to attract attention.

The best injectors will evaluate your face carefully and use products to subtly restore volume loss. Importantly, they won't be afraid to say “no, if a celebrity's distinctive feature just doesn't suit you. It's normal for your skin to feel and look very full right after you get the shots. For example, if you used hyaluronic acid fillers to create moderate improvements to your lips, these facial features can look very thick for a couple of days.

As the skin adjusts to the presence of the filler, the lips will become smaller and you can see the final result of the treatment. The first time my eyebrows curled up, I cried with my eyes to make sure that I would scream or at least cry as my lips were injected. Sometimes, natural-looking lip filler helps balance the lower part of the face by bringing the lips back into perspective with the jaw, nose, and chin. Some patients with overfilling of the lips experience tooth disappearance, in which the lips have become so thick that the teeth are completely hidden even while smiling.

After massaging them again, he added a few final injections around the side of my lips to even them out. In addition, 96% of people said their lips were fuller two months after receiving the injections. For people who pull or bend their upper lip into their mouth during smiles, lip fillers can't help. I reminded Dr.

Sepi once again that I didn't want to look like a duck (although I think she got the image right now), and that I would like a plump pout that meant I wouldn't have to draw too much lip liner on my lips every day. One of London's leading lip specialists, Dr. Sepideh Etemad-Shahidi, would perform the lip treatment for me and I was told I was in the best hands. To make a truly significant change in your smile, ask your doctor to inject the lip filler into the parenthesis lines on both sides of your mouth.

As soon as I started talking to Dr. Sepi, I knew that I had overreacted thinking about duck lips; she explained that it would take about four to five milliliters in the period of a year or two to end up with really big lips like Kylie Jenner. Lip fillers aren't just about adding volume to your lips, and often the best lip fillers are undetectable to those who don't have an eye trained for them.

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